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‘Atlanta’ Costume Designer Kairo Courts on Bringing Authentic Characters to Life

Get an inside look at the vision behind the style of the hit FX show “Atlanta,” and the mastermind behind it all:  

“Everybody was caught off guard. Upon first announcement of FX’s original show Atlanta, audiences were skeptical. Debates in ATL barber shops and hair salons centered around reckoned curiosities; exactly which aspects of the A-town would the show highlight? How would southern people be portrayed? Isn’t the show’s creator, Donald Glover, from California? But when the hit show premiered late last summer, it quickly won over the hearts of audiences nationwide and went on to become one of the best shows on television, snatching up several awards including the Golden Globe for Best Comedy Television Series.”

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(Source: Hollywoodsblackrenaissance.com)

Originally published: 9/8/17

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