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Black Girl Gamers Exist, And Jay-Ann Lopez Is Helping To Bring Them Together

Jay-Ann Lopez created the online community “Black Girl Gamers” that allows black women to have their own space to enjoy gaming in an industry dominated by white males: 

“Jay-Ann Lopez understands that the global gaming industry is one dominated by white men. This is why she built Black Girl Gamers, an online community and safe space to allow black women who enjoy gaming to connect and enjoy the experience collectively.

Lopez, 26, is based in London and launched BGG as a way to bridge the divide and bring black girl gamers together to share tips, connect and play against each other. The online community has grown tremendously over the years and now features close to 1,500 black girl gamers.

Below, we spoke with Lopez about her experience with gaming, why she launched BGG and what her goals are for the growing online group.”

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(Source: Blavity.com)

Originally published: 2/2/2018

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