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Brian Michael on Breaking Barriers for Trans Male Actors and His ‘Queen Sugar’ Role

Brian Michael sits down with shadowandact.com and shares his experience on transitioning to a transgender male and how he discovered his passion for acting: 

“Brian Michael loves playing police officers on TV. Though most actors fear being typecast in certain roles, the Harlem-based actor isn’t afraid to admit he loves playing cops. It is almost as if it’s one of the perks of being an actor for him. His most recent turn as a member of law enforcement was on Queen Sugar,  where he played a friend of Ralph Angel’s from high school.

Michael recently sat down with Shadow and Act at New York’s Grand Hyatt hotel. With the hum of summer tourists and jazzy house music as a soulful backdrop, he shared his experiences as an up and coming actor. With the reassuring appearance of someone who is always just about to break into a smile, he is easygoing yet deeply thoughtful.”

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(Source: Shadowandact.com)

Originally published: 10/9/17

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