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A Seat at the Table: ‘Survivor’s Remorse’ Producer Dianne Ashford Shares Her Journey in the Film & TV Industry

Dianne Ashford, producer of the Starz hit series “Survivor’s Remorse” shares her perspective on navigating through the film and tv industry:  

“If you’ve seen shows like Survivor’s Remorse and BET’s The Game, or movies such as Creed and Ride Along, you’re familiar Dianne Ashford’s work. The self-made producer has generated a long and illustrious career in film and television and continues to aid in the success of blockbuster movies, award winning TV shows, and even experimental shorts and indies.

Over 15 years ago, the Atlanta native took a leap of faith and quit her corporate job to pursue a career in the unstable and freelance world of filmmaking. “I got my degree from FAMU in Computer Information Systems,” Ashford said, “I had no intention on becoming a film producer, it just happened!” By some luck or divine intervention, Dianne took a leave of absence from her Project Management job at AT&T to intern with Will Packer and Rob Hardy of Rainforest Films on an indie project called Pandora’s Box. She knew the boys from college and wanted to step out and try something new. Little did she know, this decision would change her life forever.”

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(Source: Hollywoodsblackrenaissance.com)

Originally published: 9/1/17

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