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Four Women Created New Database That Tells You All The Black Women Running For Office In 2018

Four black women created a database specialized to inform people of  all black women running for office during 2018:

“Black women are the movers and shakers of this country and have tried to save America from itself more times than we’d like to admit, especially since it’s not in our job description. You can count on black women to do what they must do over what they want to do often. That’s why Luvvie AjayiSili RecioLucrecer Braxton and Candace Jones have created a searchable database of black women running for political office in 2018.

According to Luvvie, she was tired of the country being run into the ground by white men who prove repeatedly that they are ill-equipped. Hence, her quest to find more black women to propel onward and upwards. She first stumbled upon Higher Heights for America, an organization that is helping to push black women in politics forward with their #BlackWomenLead campaign. While the site featured “Sistas to Watch,” a short list of black women on the ballot, it lacked a database.”

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Originally published: 1/24/2018

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