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Franchesca Ramsey on partnering with YouTube Creators for Change and creating a guide to tackle police violence (EXCLUSIVE)

In a recent interview with shadowandact.com, Franchesca Ramsey discusses her new partnership with YouTube’s ‘Creators for Change,’ and how she’s using the platform to discuss how one can combat police brutality:

“Franchesca Ramsey is a quintessential YouTube creator. Like many other OGs, I became a permanent fan the moment she posted her popular Sh*t White Girls Say… To Black Girls video under the name “Chescaleigh.” From there, she amassed a huge following and went on to produce and star in MTV’s Decodedtaking her ability to blend comedy with social/racial awareness into a widely approachable and smart smoothie.

Today, she has created a large platform speaking truth to power, which also makes her the unfortunate target of trolls and online abuse. Still, she presses on because it is clearly her purpose. Ramsey has partnered up with YouTube’s Creators For Change program, which is the social broadcasting platform’s new venture into building a more impactful community.

In her debut video with the program, “Can You Help End Police Violence?,” Ramsey discusses police violence and helps her audience come up with ways to help end this significant and overwhelming issue.”

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(Source: Shadownandact.com)

Originally published: 12/8/2017

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