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Google Grants $1 Million To Non-Profit To Bring More Black Boys To Tech

Google recently donated $1 million to The Hidden Genius Project–an organization dedicated to exposing more young black men to the tech industry: 

“Google just took a step to help promote more diversity in STEM.

On October 27, the tech giant announced a $1 million grant to The Hidden Genius Project, an organization working to increase the representation of young black males in the industry.

The Oakland-based group mentors black boys and equips them with the skills they need to help shift perceptions of computer scientists and inspire future technologists. Google’s grant will go to helping The Hidden Genius expand to new cities, train more staff and impact more young people to encourage them to pursue careers in tech.”

Read the full story here.

(Source: Huffingtonpost.com)

Originally published: 11/3/2017

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