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This Millennial Mom Directed A Heart Warming Short Film About Pregnancy Complications And Infant Loss

Brandi Nicole Payne used experiences from her pregnancy to write and direct a short film that both brings attention to the possible complications of childbirth and shows mothers who have gone through similar situations that they are not alone: 

“It’s called “the miracle of life” for a reason. The complex series of events that must be executed to pinpoint precision to conceive, gestate and birth a human, is nothing short of amazing. But what happens when there’s difficulty with the delivery? A mother of three, Brandi Nicole Payne has experienced pregnancy from both extremes — when things go right, and when they go terribly wrong.

After suffering complications in labor with her youngest son, who was born two months premature, she and her husband struggled with having to leave their newborn in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for over a month. “When I think back to his delivery, it was pretty scary and chaotic,” she said. Fortunately, in this case, the outcome was positive. “My Daniel at the age of three is happy and healthy and more than a handful,” Payne said.”

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(Source: Blavity.com)

Originally published: 10/27/17

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