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This Morehouse Grad Created A Dope Alternative To Bitcoin

Morehouse Alum Shawn Wilkinson has created a cryptocurrency platform that solves issues that he saw were unresolved using Bitcoin:

“Ever since the growing influence of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency has been quite the hot topic. As with any popular concept, alternatives to the OG started to blossom. Meet Shawn Wilkinson, the founder of Storj — a storage platform that is distributed, encrypted and super fast. The best part is, you are the only one who has access to your data.

According to Black Enterprise, the Morehouse grad sat down with blockchain founder Lamar Wilson to discuss how exactly he launched Storj and his thoughts about cryptocurrency as a whole.

So how did Wilkinson dip his toes into the cryptocurrency pool?”

Read the full story here.

(Source: Blavity.com)

Originally published: 1/27/2018

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