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Marvel’s Stan Lee Speaks Out Against Racism And Intolerance In New Video

Marvel creator Stan Lee recently released a video on Twitter taking a stand against racism, discrimination, and bigotry in both the Marvel universe and the real world:

“Stan Lee has always billed Marvel Comics as a reflection of the real world where everyday people and superheroes alike deal with real life problems. Lee

The company is known for advocating for black superheroes like Black Panther, Luke Cage and Storm during a time when doing so could have been commercially risky.

And although it has had its missteps, most recently with the backlash over the Netflix show Iron Fist, one of Marvel’s most important figures has released a new video decrying racism and clearly stating that there’s no room in Marvel Universe (or the real world) for hatred, discrimination, or bigotry.”

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(Source: blavity.com)

Originally published: 10/5/17

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