ACTING Archive HOME > ACTING reflects on the visibility of black leading actresses throughout the past year, and the increase of black female leads in 2018: “As the 2017 year in cinema comes to an end, a time when studios unveil their most prized possessions – i.e. Oscar bait – and experts publish their respective Academy Awards predictions lists, […]

In a recent interview, Adam Beach discusses being Indian within the world of TV and film, as well as the impact it’s had on his perspective:   “Actor Adam Beach is known for his turns most recently in Cowboys and Aliens with Harrison Ford, along with numerous other roles in film and television. Of late he has […]

Actress Salma Hayek and Mary J. Blige interview one another for about their current movies and how they use their characters to relate to other women:  “Salma Hayek: I want to ask you a question that many times actors don’t even know themselves: Do you know why Dee Rees offered you this role in […]