BLACK WOMEN Archive HOME > BLACK WOMEN curated a list of black women who have founded their own startup companies dealing with technology, finance, networking, and more:  “It’s undeniable — startups are changing the world. Some of today’s most brilliant, recognizable brands began their journeys as small companies, with founders who worked endlessly to nurture and grow them into important parts […]

An article on touches on the history of Black women in superhero movies–from the doubt that minority leads could sell to minorities being heavily sought for both in front and behind the camera: “Wonder Woman was declared a hit with superhero fans and feminists. The fantasy/science fiction film directed by Patty Jenkins grossed over […]

As 2017 comes to a close, it is easy to see how black women have made their mark over on the film industry during the past year: “Two years after writer and activist April Reign created #OscarsSoWhite —a hashtag criticizing the Academy Awards’ lack of recognition of Black films—Black women starred in films that shattered […]

Although the demand for diversity has increased over the past few years, there is still a lack of representation of black women in Silicon Valley: “When we talked with Facebook’s global director of diversity, a few months ago, she stressed that things were getting more diverse at the company, pointing the number of black people in […]

An article on discusses the current visibility of black women in mainstream media, and the continued resilience black women have despite the odds against them: “As I sit on my computer scanning blogs and news outlets, doing my best to avoid the list of menial household chores that await me, my count of articles about […]