Growing organization Black Girls Code recently partnered with General Motors and also received a great donation from the company:  “Every year, tech companies release their diversity statistics. Every year, the public discovers that these companies are overwhelmingly white and male. If the organization Black Girls Code has its way, that will change very soon. Black Girls […]

Christina Lewis Halpern created a program called “All Star Code,” to provide high school aged boys of color exposure to careers in technology: ““We all want and need a seat at the table, and then we want to run the table and then we want to have our own table. Coding is the ticket to […]

TaChyla Murray shares her story about completing an online coding boot camp which resulted in her becoming a JavaScript expert: “Full stack JavaScript developers are coders that typically create web applications and are trained to work on both the front-end and back-end of an app. The job prospects for full stack developers is high; with […]