Costume Designer Ruth Carter discusses her inspiration of designing the wardrobe for the highly anticipated ‘Black Panther’ film: “Winnie Mandela’s colorful style, high fashion designer Issey Miyake and African artifacts — from actual Maasai, Tuareg and Ndebele dress — informed the garb that took “an army” to create. Ruth Carter has created costumes for some […]

Get an inside look at the vision behind the style of the hit FX show “Atlanta,” and the mastermind behind it all:   “Everybody was caught off guard. Upon first announcement of FX’s original show Atlanta, audiences were skeptical. Debates in ATL barber shops and hair salons centered around reckoned curiosities; exactly which aspects of the […]

Costume Designer Ruth E. Carter discussed all that went into forming the various looks in the highly anticipated ‘Black Panther’ film:  ““I feel like I’ve been designing superheroes my whole life. Malcom X was a superhero. Tina Turner was a superhero. Martin Luther King was a superhero.” Ruth E. Carter’s list of design credits on […]