Oscar award winning actress Viola Davis along with her husband Julius Tennon discuss creating their own production company to address the diversity problem in Hollywood:  “The actor Julius Tennon is thrilled to be appearing alongside his Oscar-winning wife, Viola Davis, in the new season of her hit show, How to Get Away with Murder, later this […]

Entertainment trade magazine Variety, speaks on the success of the Tupac Biopic All Eyez on Me during its opening weekend and why the industry should no longer be surprised on the success of diverse movies: “When “Straight Outta Compton” opened in August of 2015 to over $60 million — about $20 million more than most trades […]

Ava DuVernay is partnering up with the mayor of Los Angeles to launch a Hollywood Diversity Program for women and people of color:  “With an eye toward helping young women and people of color break into the entertainment business, the city of Los Angeles is hoping to lend a hand. Eric Garcetti, the mayor of […]

Although the amount of African-Americans greatly increased for Emmy nominations, there’s still an imbalance in the inclusion of other cultures:   “When cameras pan across the faces of eager, anxious Emmy Award nominees at Sunday’s ceremony, TV viewers will see a record 12 African-Americans vying for comedy and drama series acting honors. But it’s a lop-sided […]

Variety.com discusses the continued hesitation for Hollywood to create inclusive films despite continued success in the box office:  “In Hollywood’s struggle to increase diversity both in front of and behind the camera, 2017 is proof positive that such films can conquer the box office, potentially putting to rest long-held conventions about what kinds of movies […]

The LA Times spoke with Spider-Man: Homecoming director Jon Watts about how diversity became a norm in the Marvel film:   “A new sensibility is tingling in “Spider-Man: Homecoming.” Present throughout the second big-screen reboot of the beloved Marvel comics superhero, which opened to rave reviews and an estimated $117 million domestic box office, is a […]

A Dubai Film festival is gaining attention from all around the world–increasing the visability of Arab filmmakers and their content:  “Alumni of the event — this year’s edition runs Dec. 6-13 — are finding success in Hollywood: “There’s a lot of interest from the world into the festival.” At the Dubai International Film Festival in […]

Although a great number of people of color were included in the Grammys, the wins did not match the nominations: “If O. Henry had survived long enough to write about the music business, he couldn’t have written a story with a sadder twist than the tale of the 2018 Grammys. The whole saga led to a […]

Husband and wife Rudy Gaskins and Joan Baker fight to bring more diversity into the voice-over industry–a business that has been dominated by white men for years:  “The exclusivity of the voice-over business has been one of the entertainment industry’s best-kept secrets. Traditionally a field dominated by white males, the voice-over world has for decades lacked […]

Marvel creator Stan Lee recently released a video on Twitter taking a stand against racism, discrimination, and bigotry in both the Marvel universe and the real world: “Stan Lee has always billed Marvel Comics as a reflection of the real world where everyday people and superheroes alike deal with real life problems. Lee The company […]