Director Anthony Mandler discusses his connection to the film ‘Monster,’ based on the award-winning novel by Walter Dean Myers: ““I was immediately drawn to the story and the way that it asked this very large question about could one moment in your life define your whole life,” said director Anthony Mandler during his turn at Deadline’s Sundance Studio to […]

Boots Riley discusses his debut film ‘Sorry to Bother You’ with his cast in an interview with Sundance. The film has recently been acquired for a seven figure deal: “There are plenty of films with commentary surrounding race, commodification, self-worth, and what it means to be normal. However, none of those films have been as […]

Actor Jason Mitchell recently did an interview with Sundance discussing his work in the Sundance film TYREL and staying true to himself: “It’s freezing in Park City, Utah, but Jason Mitchell is unphased by the brisk windchill and unending slow flurries. The 31-year-old’s career is continually rising, and it shows in his upbeat attitude. His […]

Actress Keesha Sharp recently did an interview with discussing her role in the movie ‘Marshall,’ and much more: “Black women aren’t often recognized or remembered for their extensive contributions in history. However, with her roles in film and on television Keesha Sharp is making sure that some of these women are getting the recognition […]

Shonda Rhimes interviews Facebook chief officer Sheryl Sandberg for the Hollywood Reporter about getting more women comfortable with positions of power: “Sheryl Sandberg has been chief operating officer of Facebook since 2008. She’s the best-selling author of Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead and the founder of the nonprofit Lean In. Her second book […]