Dee Rees and the cast of  the highly anticipated Netflix film ‘Mudbound’ comment on the links between the movie and contemporary culture and how audiences can put the film in context with the world around them:  ““It exposes race as an economic construct and exposes the fact that we’re all interconnected not just to each […]

At an event for, ‘Mudbound’ director Dee Rees reminisces on the beginning stages of film’s development and the importance of its message in relation to today’s world:  ““To the chagrin of my agent, usually I hate everything I read,” Dee Rees told the audience at Deadline’s The Contenders event, which might explain why the director has maintained a […]

Mary J. Blige discusses her two Oscar nominations along with the rise of the #MeToo era: ““I didn’t anticipate any of this,” Mudbound‘s Mary J. Blige told Deadline this morning, regarding her pair of Oscar nominations for the Netflix film. “I just knew I was part of a very powerful, important film, and I was happy to be a […]

Mary J. Blige has made history with her two nominations for the 90th Academy Awards: “Mary J Blige has officially made Oscar history as the first person ever to be nominated for an acting performance and an original song in a single year. The Grammy award winning R&B superstar has earned an Oscar nom for […]

Netflix original movie ‘Mudbound,’ directed by Dee Rees, recently won an Audience Award for best Narrative and could possibly earn Netflix an Oscar:  ““Mudbound,” which is currently in 12th place to claim the Best Picture Oscar according to our 24 experts, just won the Audience Award for Best Narrative at the Middleburg Film Festival. While […]

Highly anticipated Netflix original movie ‘Mudbound’ is finally available to the public, and presents a different perspective to the typical American war film:  “Over there I was a liberator. People lined up in the streets waiting for us, throwing flowers and cheering. And here I’m just another nigger pushing a plough.” So says Ronsel Jackson, […]

Netflix recently released the highly anticipated trailer for Dee Rees’ ‘Mudbound’:  “Netflix has officially released the official trailer for Mudbound, and this is a movie that is already gaining Oscar buzz. Co-written and directed by Dee Rees (Bessie), this film is based on the Hillary Jordan novel of the same name and takes place in the […]

Dee Rees and Mary J. Blige discuss all that went into preparing Blige for portraying her character in the recently released Netflix original movie, ‘Mudbound’: “Mary J. Blige spends much of Dee Rees’ southern tragedy Mudbound holding her tongue. As Florence Jackson, the matriarch of a sharecropper family continually bossed around by the white folks who own their land, […]