A list of 25 notable female directors has been curated in response to the lack of female representation in the 2018 Oscar nominations:  “Greta Gerwig landed an Oscar nomination for directing “Lady Bird” this year – and she’s only the fifth woman to be acknowledged in the category. If that seems ridiculous, and symptomatic of […] curated a list of current games with female characters of color that can easily be found on a smartphone: “Representation of black women in gaming is important. In my own experiences, I have found it to be important not only because it resonates with me as a black woman but also because my sons […]

The stars of the highly anticipated Marvel film ‘Black Panther’ spoke about the importance of representation during the film’s Los Angeles premiere on January 29th: “The royal purple carpet at Monday night’s world premiere of “Black Panther” was awash in gem tones and African-inspired prints as those privileged to catch the film early adhered to […]

Actor John Leguizamo writes an essay describing the lack of Latino representation within today’s culture:   “t was OK in the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s because we’d tell ourselves, “They don’t know better,” as a justification to ease our alienation. It wasn’t fair, but it was status quo. Not knowing better is a symptom of ignorance, not […]

A recent poll on politics and race relations conducted by the Boston Globe excluded Asian-Americans from its voting process. This incident emphasized how Asian-Americans are usually left out of conversations dealing with diversity and inclusion in media:   “Asian-Americans don’t expect much coverage in the mainstream media, but recent Globe stories from its poll on […]

‘Star Wars’ actress Kelly Marie Tran discusses her experience acting in the film series’ latest installment, ‘The Last Jedi,’ in an interview with “Actress Kelly Marie Tran electrified “Star Wars” fans with her breakout “The Last Jedi” debut. Playing engineer Rose Tico, an unassuming member of the Resistance, Tran’s onscreen energy and passion for the space […]

Although the demand for diversity has increased over the past few years, there is still a lack of representation of black women in Silicon Valley: “When we talked with Facebook’s global director of diversity, a few months ago, she stressed that things were getting more diverse at the company, pointing the number of black people in […]

New Research from Viacom Reveals Multicultural Millennials Demand More from Media:  “Viacom’s Marketing and Partner Insights (MPI) team conducted an in-depth study on multicultural (non-white) millennials to better understand this growing demographic, currently 36.7M strong in the US, where the population will become majority-minority by 2044. Viacom’s MPI team took a 360° approach to this […]

An article on discusses the current visibility of black women in mainstream media, and the continued resilience black women have despite the odds against them: “As I sit on my computer scanning blogs and news outlets, doing my best to avoid the list of menial household chores that await me, my count of articles about […]