AT&T is looking for aspiring filmmakers, from middle school to recent college graduates, to submit content to their upcoming film festival by November 26th:  “Aspiring filmmakers, AT&T is looking for you!  AT&T is looking for up and coming content creators to submit their short films to the AT&T Film Awards.  The submission deadline is November 26th, so […]

The impact of Colorism is brought to the forefront in the award-winning short film Charcoal:  “As an adult, I haven’t often thought of my dark brown skin in any particular way. I’ve praised its lack of blemishes and that fact that it has allowed me to bake in the unforgiving sun without a worry or […]

Brandi Nicole Payne used experiences from her pregnancy to write and direct a short film that both brings attention to the possible complications of childbirth and shows mothers who have gone through similar situations that they are not alone:  “It’s called “the miracle of life” for a reason. The complex series of events that must […]

Earlier this year, media mogul Shonda Rhimes was named creative director for Dove’s new production company Real Beauty Productions. Through the company, Rhimes has recently released three short films about the complex stories of three women and how they understand beauty: “No one tells stories about complex women better than Shonda Rhimes. Dove, wisely, has tapped […]