Creative Artists Agency recently received funding from various investors to help launch media and technology companies:  “CAA has launched a new venture designed to help build technology and media companies from the ground up. The agency on Friday announced Creative Labs, a Vancouver-based startup studio that it designed to dream up and develop new businesses […]

Teresa White, the first African American and first woman to be president of Aflac, is using her platform to encourage other young girls to venture out into whatever career they want such as technology and entrepreneurship:  “Teresa White’s expectations of herself have always exceeded what others envisioned for her. When she joined Aflac in 1998, […]

Four black women created a database specialized to inform people of  all black women running for office during 2018: “Black women are the movers and shakers of this country and have tried to save America from itself more times than we’d like to admit, especially since it’s not in our job description. You can count […]

Google recently donated $1 million to The Hidden Genius Project–an organization dedicated to exposing more young black men to the tech industry:  “Google just took a step to help promote more diversity in STEM. On October 27, the tech giant announced a $1 million grant to The Hidden Genius Project, an organization working to increase […]

Capital One is providing opportunities for engineers to use their experience to its full potential rather than getting stuck in a management position:  “What are you doing with your engineering or CS degree? You might have started off loving the attention to detail and problem-solving associated with coding and hands-on work, but as you advance […]

Although the demand for diversity has increased over the past few years, there is still a lack of representation of black women in Silicon Valley: “When we talked with Facebook’s global director of diversity, a few months ago, she stressed that things were getting more diverse at the company, pointing the number of black people in […]

Mandy Bowman aims to keep the black dollar circulating by creating an app through her platform, Official Black Wall Street:  “In 2015, entrepreneur Mandy Bowman founded Official Black Wall Street, a next-generation digital platform that has become known as the largest global directory of black-owned businesses. The company has now set its sights on making […]

Will.I.Am and his tech startup I.Am+ has been on the rise with electronics such as headphones and the new artificial intelligence product Omega. The company recently received a $89 million investment totaling in $117 million in investments in a short 5 year span:  “ made a name for himself as the frontman for the Grammy-award […]

A recent study found that there has been little change in incorporating people of color in leadership roles within the technology industry—specifically Asian women:  “Asians are least likely to be promoted to managerial or executive positions in the San Francisco Bay Area’s technology sector, even as they are the largest minority group of professionals and […] brings attention to three black owned companies dedicated to bringing more diversity into the technology industry: “The influence African Americans have on mainstream culture is undeniable. Neilsen Music recently released a report showing hip hop as the most popular musical genre. A separate Neilsen report verified the wide reaching popularity and influence of black television shows on […]