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HBCU in LA Internship Program

The Entertainment Industry College Outreach Program (EICOP) is an educational workforce development non-profit organization dedicated to educating, training and recruiting the best and brightest diverse student leaders from our nation’s Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs) and other Predominately Minority Institutions (PMIs) for careers in the media, entertainment and communication industry.


EICOPs – Los Angeles based HBCU in LA Industry Internship Program provides an immersive educational real world work experience essential for launching and leveraging a career inside Hollywood’s coveted inner circle. The program will focus on educating, developing, training and placing students in internships with major studios, networks, talent agencies and production companies. This innovative pipeline development program is designed to provide access and opportunity to student groups who have traditionally been underrepresented and meet the industry’s diversity goals of employing a workforce that is reflective of the communities it serves.



Education: We will partner with HBCU and PMI educators, industry leaders and organizations to provide an exclusive educational platform with a curriculum that provides the most relevant and up-to-date skills and knowledge needed to navigate a career in the entertainment industry. Students will learn of the myriad of viable career options and skills needed to successfully launch a professional career in the industry. Classroom instruction will include guest lectures, field trips, studios tours, screening and networking events all designed to enhance and expand their knowledge of how Hollywood works.


Training & Development: We will work with industry professionals, organizations and creative leaders to provide students with professional development workshops, creative workshops, soft skills and industry etiquette and protocol training essential for launching and leveraging a career in the entertainment industry. We will provide career coaching and counseling to assist students in the areas of employment, interviewing, resume writing and how to compete for various industry programs and competitions.


Internships: This LA based program makes it possible for HBCU and PMI students who typically come from low income households and who are faced with the geographical barrier of not living in LA the ability to take advantage of internship opportunities with major Networks, Studios, Agencies, Production companies and other industry organizations. Students will gain access to real world work experience with our industry partners who will serve as host companies for the students participating in this historic internship program.


Mentoring: We will collaborate with industry professionals and some of Hollywood’s most influential HBCU and PMI Alumni working in front of and behind the scenes in Hollywood to mentor the next generation of diverse power players. Recognizing the importance of having a built-in network is essential when it comes to succeeding in the entertainment industry as it is more about who you know than what you know. The program will offer students a rare insider’s prospective of Hollywood knowledge and experiences that cannot be taught in a traditional classroom setting.



  1. Makes it possible for HBCU and PMI students to come to Los Angeles for an educational workforce development program that will provide access and opportunities for employment and careers in the entertainment industry.
  2. Provide a diverse pipeline of talent and cultivates collaborations that foster diversity within the industry.
  3. Inspires industry learning and expands opportunities for student internship experiences.
  4. Help students understand and discern their career aspirations in the media, entertainment and communication industry.
  5. Develop and establish stronger connections and partnerships between our nation’s HBCUs and other PMIs as centers for diversity.
  6. Develop stronger relationships with HBCU and PMI Career and Professional Development Centers to support workforce readiness.
  7. Support and strengthen curricula and other industry inspired learning opportunities.
  8. Mentoring and Networking opportunities to inspire, guide and train the next generation industry leaders.
  9. Supports annual visits to the campuses of HBCUs and PMIs for recruitment and educational career forums.



• Historically Black Colleges & Universities

• Predominately Minority Serving Institution

• Predominately Black Institutions

• Hispanic Serving Institutions

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