curated a list of black women who have founded their own startup companies dealing with technology, finance, networking, and more:  “It’s undeniable — startups are changing the world. Some of today’s most brilliant, recognizable brands began their journeys as small companies, with founders who worked endlessly to nurture and grow them into important parts […]

Growing organization Black Girls Code recently partnered with General Motors and also received a great donation from the company:  “Every year, tech companies release their diversity statistics. Every year, the public discovers that these companies are overwhelmingly white and male. If the organization Black Girls Code has its way, that will change very soon. Black Girls […]

Apple has had a slight increase in diversity throughout the past six months, however most of this increase has been in lower paying positions:  “Apple recently released its first diversity and inclusion report since naming Denise Young Smith as its new vice president of diversity and inclusion in May. According to the report, Apple is 32 percent female worldwide, […]

Jomo Fray, a mulitple award-winning cinematographer, speaks with about the relevance of virtual reality in relation to cinematography and images, and his new upcoming short film, “Haunt”: “Virtual Reality is the new hot thing in the visual medium industry. If you’ve been to any film, media, or tech festival this year, chances are you’ve […]

Creative Artists Agency recently received funding from various investors to help launch media and technology companies:  “CAA has launched a new venture designed to help build technology and media companies from the ground up. The agency on Friday announced Creative Labs, a Vancouver-based startup studio that it designed to dream up and develop new businesses […]

Angel Rich created a game-like app that teaches individuals of all ages to be financially literate, and aims to help bridge the financial gap between white and black America:  “Steve Jobs revolutionized the computer industry, the way we listen to music, and how we make phone calls. Angel Rich wants to revolutionize financial literacy education […]

Christina Lewis Halpern created a program called “All Star Code,” to provide high school aged boys of color exposure to careers in technology: ““We all want and need a seat at the table, and then we want to run the table and then we want to have our own table. Coding is the ticket to […]

Teresa White, the first African American and first woman to be president of Aflac, is using her platform to encourage other young girls to venture out into whatever career they want such as technology and entrepreneurship:  “Teresa White’s expectations of herself have always exceeded what others envisioned for her. When she joined Aflac in 1998, […]

Four black women created a database specialized to inform people of  all black women running for office during 2018: “Black women are the movers and shakers of this country and have tried to save America from itself more times than we’d like to admit, especially since it’s not in our job description. You can count […]

Google recently donated $1 million to The Hidden Genius Project–an organization dedicated to exposing more young black men to the tech industry:  “Google just took a step to help promote more diversity in STEM. On October 27, the tech giant announced a $1 million grant to The Hidden Genius Project, an organization working to increase […]