curated a list of current games with female characters of color that can easily be found on a smartphone: “Representation of black women in gaming is important. In my own experiences, I have found it to be important not only because it resonates with me as a black woman but also because my sons […]

Jay-Ann Lopez created the online community “Black Girl Gamers” that allows black women to have their own space to enjoy gaming in an industry dominated by white males:  “Jay-Ann Lopez understands that the global gaming industry is one dominated by white men. This is why she built Black Girl Gamers, an online community and safe space […]

Angel Rich created a game-like app that teaches individuals of all ages to be financially literate, and aims to help bridge the financial gap between white and black America:  “Steve Jobs revolutionized the computer industry, the way we listen to music, and how we make phone calls. Angel Rich wants to revolutionize financial literacy education […]

The well-known game “Final Fantasy XIV” has been made into a Japanese soap opera which is now available to stream on Netflix:   “Japanese soap opera Final Fantasy 14: Dad of Light is now on American Netflix, and you need to watch it. Look past that awkward name it’s been graced with, because Dad of Light is short, sweet and a total […]

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson discusses incorporating the gaming world in the upcoming film “Jumanji” which now takes place in a video game rather than a board game:   “It looks like fans will be seeing plenty of video-game inspired deaths in the upcoming Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, according to star and producer Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. The film promises to be […]

Games such as ‘Hair Nah’ and ‘Break Up Squad’ allow their players to experience real life situations from the perspective of black women: “A common theme when thinking about electronic games is escapism. In the real world striving to be an infallible hero who can slay dragons by day and craft potions and weapons by night, […]